Use SARA learning for teaching math, sciences, language or specific topics such as financial literacy. SARA learning incorporates all the building blocks needed to create a fun learning environment, and allows parents and instructors to easily follow the progress of each and every child, no matter what the subject.



The Paul et Suzanne methodology is based on the theory that learning vocabulary is a great place to start when learning a first or foreign language and that concentrating on individual words and their translations is an effective method of vocabulary learning.


While reading, the child plays with the book through a series of exercises and games. The exercises and games teach and evaluate pronunciation, enunciation, and comprehension. These exercises and games have complex algorithms supporting the child at each step.


SARA uses a number of techniques to make foreign language vocabulary memorable for language learners. Every foreign language term is presented not only as text, but also as audio, so that language learners can hear the correct pronunciation. And SARA learning automatically keeps track of the words that a learner has worked with and introduces new more challenging vocabulary at the most appropriate times.


SARA Learning